National Association of Wineries established in Macedonia

The Macedonian National Association of Wineries (MNAW) established Monday in Skopje by 35 winerie across the country.

Winemaking, viticulture development, better promotion of Macedonian wines on market, increase in domestic consumption and export, promoting better relations among stakeholders as well as the development of wine culture in Macedonia are the key objectives of MNAW, according to MIA, the Macedonian News Agency.

Efforts would be made to strengthen the image of Macedonia as a country of wine, said Macedonian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry.

The consulting experts agree the subsidies paid to wine producers played a major role in maintaining and increasing their production, securing increased incomes to the producers.

In 2013, Macedonia exported record 885,331 hectoliters of wine, worth 50 million euros (69 million U.S. dollars).

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