Welfare recipients to receive free computers

Socially vulnerable citizens, who receive welfare through the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy programs, will be able to get free-of-charge computers as a donation of second-hand, refurbished IT equipment from state institutions, private companies and citizens.

The distribution of the first computers of this donation is expected at the beginning of the new school year.

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration calls on the Internet providers to join the action, since no free Internet is provided along with the computers.

The project titled "Computers for Socially Vulnerable Categories" was presented today by the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski, and the President of the ICT Chamber within the Association of Chambers of Commerce, Sasa Ognenovski.

Minister Ivanovski urged all private companies and state institutions willing to donate their used IT equipment to apply on the website donacii.mioa.gov.mk as of July 1. By that time, they can send information on the equipment they plan to donate at doniraj@mioa.gov.mk.

All interested citizens can apply at the webpage or use the Ministry's Internet Centers throughout the country or visit the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy branches and fill in a special form. 

"With this project, a lot of citizens will be given their own computer for the first time, will have the chance to go on-line and be part of half of the world using Internet services," the Minister said.

The idea was promoted by the members of the ICT Chamber after concluding that many public or private firms had been disposing of functional equipment.

Moreover, Minister Ivanovski informed that the total number of people in Macedonia having access to broadband Internet was 338.486 according to the latest report of the Agency for Electronic Communications. 

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