Kukan : Macedonia had to begin negotiations long time ago

MEP Eduard Kukan today said that Macedonia had to begin the process of negotiations for joining the European Union long time ago, and he hope that the Report on the country progress for this year will contain the same reference.

- I think it should have happened long ago, it is not fair that the Commission for four consecutive years  made recommendations that is fully supported by the European Parliament. We will adopt the same resolution this year. The Council, which makes final decisions, unfortunately, does not listen to us. They always postpone the decision for six months. I sincerely hope that report this year will contain the same reference as the Parliament has always supported the enlargement process and hope that this year will keep the same view, said Kukan.

He considers that the European Commission will objectively assess the situation in Macedonia, and considers that it is truly extraordinary how Government managed to sustain the public support for EU membership, given the fact that the country is a candidate for EU membership for several years.

- It is very important that the Government of Republic of Macedonia managed to sustain the public support for EU membership. Macedonia is candidate for several years and people and public kept the hope that the European filter is good for the country, a truly remarkable action and should be applauded, said Kukan, who is also Chairman of the Delegation with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia.

MEP was one of the speakers of parliament’s seminar that yesterday and today was held in the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia.

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