New Macedonian Ambassador to Germany quits post

Only a month and a half before his assignment to one of the most powerful European countries, the appointed Macedonian Ambassador to Germany, Nenad Kolev, has resigned.

At the same time, he also quit the position of a Director of Economic Diplomacy within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Unofficially, the resignation was submitted July 9 because of disagreements with the Macedonian Chief of Diplomacy, Nikola Poposki. Differences in terms of the latest preparations prior to the ambassador's departure to Germany were some of the reasons.

However, according to the Macedonian Foreign Ministry, all is well and the reasons for the resignations were personal. The statement further adds that Minister Poposki did not show any signs of mistrust with his colleague.

Kolev’s move follows a similar move by Ambassador Nikola Dimitrov, who decided to resign and leave Moscow's Ambassador seat. 

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