Putin: Gas pipeline to Macedonia can go through Greece

Creating European center for the distribution of gas on the border between Turkey and Greece, will depend on the European partners, and Russia is ready to work in that direction, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at today’s annual press conference, reports Republika.

- It does not depend on us. It largely depends on our European partners. They want to have stable, clear and absolutely guaranteed deliveries of energy resources from Russia without transit risks? Awesome! Then we can provide it – said Vladimir Putin.

He added that it can be implemented through Greece in Macedonia.

- Excellent, then we will work, maybe through Greece to reach Macedonia, and further can continue to enter Serbia, to get in Baumgarten (center for gas) in Austria. If they do not want, then we will not – said Russian President.

As for Turkey, Putin said that the economy of this country is growing rapidly and it has increased resource requirements.

- Turkey are now asking question for delivery at the inland. Can we to refuse? We have agreed on price and delivery date. We know their needs – Putin added.

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