Howitt: EP Resolution will include “Macedonian”

European Parliament Rapporteur for Macedonia Richard Howitt, in a statement for MIA, confirmed that he is under enormous pressure for adjective “Macedonian” to be erased from the Resolution, however he confirmed that he will do his best for the adjective to be reinstated in the document.

British PM submitted biggest number of amendments (25) to his own draft-resolution, whereat in the amendment 89 paragraph 1, himself requests erasing of the adjective “Macedonian”, expressing concern ‘as it seems that less young people learn the language of the other’ and recommends for the matter to be addressed in favour of avoiding division and possible conflicts along ethnic lines between the school children.

-There are amendments added for the progress in participation of groups of civil society in the country and my dialogue with them. The largest part of most sensitive issues were included in the original draft-resolution, so the key elements of my report remain the same, Howitt said.

-My proposal, same as the last year, is that the word “Macedonian” will be included in my final text of the resolution. You can remember that my recommendation lead to European Commission also to use the adjective in their progress reports. The exact place where the adjective will be included in the resolution will depend from the final vote in the European Parliament and the change I am making now reflects my wish to respect the proposals of all ethnic groups in the country. My commitment to this issue remains unchanged, Howitt said.

-Certainly, there is a pressure on me as rapporteur regarding all sensitive issues that impact the country. But I accept the responsibility for my opinion and at the end I will make independent opinion, Howitt pointed out.

Howitt confirmed that adjective “Macedonian” will be included in the last EP Resolution which will be voted by the current parliament’s composition.

The Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) of the European Parliament on January 20 will debate on the draft-resolution on Macedonia and the vote will take place the following day.

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