Roberts: Macedonia ought to think hard about joining EU, NATO

Macedonia should think hard and consider carefully whether it wants to join the West who is declining rapidly, or the advancing  East, as did Russia, said Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan government in an interview for "Voice of the people" program.

- Macedonia is in a difficult position. To join the EU and NATO means Macedonia must give up their sovereignty and control over its foreign and economic policy and become part of the Washington Empire. Not joining these organizations in order to continue good relations with BRICS automatically puts the country on Washington's list of enemies, says Roberts, a professor of political economy at the Center for Strategy and International Studies at Georgetown University in Washington .

Commenting on the visit of NATO Secretary General Rasmussen of Macedonia and his statement in Skopje, the American professor and analyst stated that "the application of EU and NATO that Macedonia should change its name in order to join, what he calls, "Washington Empire" shows the complete control the West will have over Macedonia.

- Shockingly, Macedonia is not even allowed to be what it is. In my opinion, Greece, the weakest and most exploited country in the EU opposes Macedonia's name. But unless Greece wants to be called Macedonia, but it isn't, I don't understand their opposition, says Roberts.

Asked what he thinks about Macedonia and its history, Roberts, who is also a former editor of the Wall Street Journal points out that" Macedonia is a well known name - the home of Alexander the Great , the greatest general of all time, conqueror of Persia and the known world. Such a big name simply cannot be sacrified by Macedonia, ever.

- Macedonians must understand that being a member of NATO and the EU means that Macedonia will lose its independence , says Roberts .

Asked about the new agreement between China and Russia over gas trade with Russia, the U.S. analyst said that " the balance of power in the world is changing ."

- The energy agreement between Russia and China will not be funded in the dollar payments system. This is the first big move of avoiding the U.S. dollar as world reserve currency . Also, the agreement is the beginning of turning Russia to the east and the strategic alliance between Russia and China. Washington 's efforts to prevent the growth of these two forces is doomed, explains Roberts .

At the same time he emphasizes that Western economies suffer from mismanagement and never ending looting.

- Wealth move from the table to the rich or to the "one percent" of the people. Citizens in Western nations are dissatisfied and we are witnessing protests in many countries , concludes Roberts. 

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