All investments in 2014, employed 14,000 people

The investment plan 2014 is one of the most fruitful so far. More than 20 companies have announced they will invest in the country or have already started with activities beginning with the production.

EKONOMSKI.MK analyze that new factories will employ over 14,000 people and will be invested over 800 million euro. The important thing is that factories will be built in all regions of the country, which is very important for balanced regional development.

The portal reminds on the largest investments in the country this year came:

ODV Electric, Germany- 1,000 jobs, 15 million euro in Ohrid

KSS, USA – 1000 employees, 20 million euro in Kichevo

Markar, Germany – 600 employees, 35 million euro in Veles

Diatek, Italy – 200 employees, 10 million euro in Skopje

Textile techniques, Germany – 600 employees, 12 million euro in Shtip

Anturan, Netherlands – 200 jobs in Kochani

Ethanol Europe Rinjuabl, Ireland Dupont, USA – 1000 employees, 250 million euro in Prilep

Montand, Italy, 100 employees, 10 million euro in Skopje

“ENERGIA” Ltd, Ukraine, 150 employees, 18 million euro in Skopje

ITEC, Italy – 120 jobs, 3.8 million, in Tetovo

“Filkab” Bulgaria, 100 jobs, 3.5 million in Skopje

Amfenol US – 500 employees, 6 million in Kochani

Mensah, Turkey – 100 jobs, 5 million in Skopje

VEIBO, Turkey – 5600 employees 400 million dollars in Rankovce

Hryshko, Russia, 200 employees, million euro, Demir Hisar

Euro BAF, Great Britain- 350 jobs, Skopje

“Pro Line” Turkey – 50 jobs and 3 million euro

Cleaning Medical Turkey 250 people, 10 million euro

Match Group Turkey Ilinden worth three million.

Stuffed Group, Turkey will build two factories. One worth 3 million in which will employ 150 people, and another for marble with the same value and about 400 new jobs.

Genter – 1000 jobs in Prilep

Decisions were made by several companies – they wait for official announcement

For the next period is expected announcement of the names of few companies that have already made decisions to invest, but still are not officially confirmed.

New American company will open 400 jobs and invest about 18 million euro, the decision for investment in the country will be announced by the end of the year.

Israeli company announced to enter the Macedonian market sectors. It is planned investment in spa tourism, call centers, but there is plan on taking one of Macedonian banks and they have already talked with representatives of the Central Bank.

New investment, name is not announcement yet is scheduled for Ohrid and Struga region, it is company from the automotive sector.

The Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski promised that this year there would be 20 new investments

In his New Year’s address last year, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski announced that in 2014 the country would get 20 new companies.

- In preparation of my New Year’s address I talked with most of the people in the government and government institutions responsible for investing and we have detected more than twenty investors who already have informally decided to invest in Macedonia, i.e. launch their investment during this year, so from now until the end of this year, said then Gruevski.

The promise is fulfilled, the number of over 20 new investments and 2014 is one of the most successful investment plan.

Expectations are that next year will be even better, given that the crisis has already ended, and Macedonia is becoming more interesting business destination, known for favorable investment package that is offered to foreign companies.

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