IRC urges: Do not go in Syria

The phenomenon of participation of Macedonian nationals in the war in Syria cannot be controlled, because the trip to the country is individual, not organized by institution, says the head of the Islamic Religious Community in Macedonia, Sulejman Rexhepi, commenting on the death of twenty- two year old man from Skopje Alim Osmani.

He is the fourth Macedonian citizen who was killed in Syrian War. Osmani went to Syria in July and fought on the side of forces against the regime of President Bashar al -Assad.

- They show solidarity with the Syrian people who want to get rid of the unseen dictatorship that is applied in Syria, but probably it is debatable issue. Is there different motive or interest, it is different issue, we can guess, but we are not sure, as we do not have the facts and arguments, stated Rexhepi for Radio Free Europe. He does not believes that religious motives are the reason why Macedonian citizens participate in the war as they would not hide that they have gone to Syria and none of them consulted with IRC.

According to Rexhepi war in Syria is internal problem and therefore foreigners should not participate in it.

- Our message from the beginning when this phenomenon appeared, is that we as the Islamic Religious Community are against to this day, as it is terror between brothers and I do not know if there is point to help one or the other party, says the head of IRC Sulejman Rexhepi.

According to unofficial information, over hundred people from Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina participate in the war in Syria.

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