Five billion MKD for Macedonian roads

Funds from oil derivatives excises, money from road tax, other fees paid to national and regional roads, as well as the inflow of loans taken by the EIB will fill the PE for state roads’ budget, which will fund numerous projects in road infrastructure, writes Vecher.

PE for state roads with this year’s program for the construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, maintenance and protection of the state road plans to achieve revenue of around five billion dinars (80.7 million euro), and most of that money will be obtained from the section charge for every liter of petrol sold derivative. For this item in the budget is planned to be poured 2.1 billion MKD (34.1 million euro). Then 1.69 billion MKD (27.5 million euro) are expected to be collected from fees for use of the public road (pay tolls).

From the road fee payable for registration of vehicles is expected inflow of 1.35 billion MKD (22 million euro), but this money in full will not be used only for PE state roads. Namely, after deducting 50 million MKD that will be returned to the owners of motor vehicles that some time spent outside the Republic of Macedonia with their vehicle, and 300 million MKD that will be allocated to the City of Skopje and other municipalities for municipal roads and streets, and the 25 million MKD intended for the stations of technical inspection of vehicles, then the PE for state roads in this respect will remain only 975 million MKD (15.8 million euro).

PE is expected to provide another 200 million MKD (3.2 million euro) and 180 million MKD from various fees paid to national and regional roads and 20 million MKD income derived from loans that are taken from the European investment Bank for technical assistance in the implementation of road projects along Corridor 10.

Since almost five billion, over 2.72 billion MKD (44.25 million euro) is the expenditure that PE plans to have during this year. For the depreciation of all buildings, facilities, equipment, tools, software, and roads for this year are planned 1.5 billion MKD (24.4 million euro), which is the biggest expense.

The main focus this year will be placed on investments by foreign loans in road infrastructure, which provided total of 6.87 billion (111.7 million euro), which will finance projects for improving regional and local road network of 600 million MKD (10 million euro) that will be taken from the World Bank, while the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development provided 1.25 billion MKD, out of which 1 billion project for improving the regional and municipal road network and 250 million MKD for the project for the electronic collection of tolls. 20 million MKD loan provided by the European Investment Bank on consultancy for construction of Demir Kapija – Smokvica and 5 billion MKD in funds provided with loan from Exim Bank for building sections Miladinovci – Shtip and Kichevo – Ohrid.

In relation with the project for local roads financed by the World Bank, this year is planned to announce tender which will include about 50 local roads with total length of 100 km and estimated value of around 6.5 million euro. The project for regional local roads financed by EBRD is planned reconstruction and rehabilitation of the section Veles – Kadrifakovo Phase 2, then Veles – Lozovo, where there is ongoing tender for selection of contractor and section Lozovo – Saramzalino Kadrifakovo where is planned procurement for the first quarter of this year. It is also planed to build high-speed road sections: Ohrid – Peshtani, Gradsko- Prilep, Shtip – Kochani and Rankovce – Kriva Palanka, then road Bitola – Resen – Bukovo. In relation to the regional roads are planned: the blend A4 – Novo Selo, Mavrovo – Zhirovnica – Debar, Probishtip ski resort Ponikva, Toranica – Sasa (Kriva Palanka – Kamenica), Gardski Bridge – Izvor, Tetovo – Brvenica – Chegrane – Gostivar, Melnicki Bridge – Centar Zhupa, Lazani – Ropotovo – Crnilisgte, Staro Konjarevo – Novo Konjarevo, Nov Dojran – Nikolikj, Delchevo- Golak, Krivogashtani – Obrshani – Vogjani, the road Mokrino – Smolari and construction of highway Podmolje – Struga.

For its own participation the PE in investments provided to 892 million MKD (14.5 million euro) from foreign loans. These funds cover 10 percent share of the sections Miladinovci – Shtip and Kichevo – Ohrid, as well as value added for the above mentioned projects.

For investment with own funds are provided 698 million MKD (11.3 million euro), which will be used for continuation of works, payment of liabilities transferred from last year, the final payment works and deposits for work performed during the warranty period as well as ongoing costs for construction and rehabilitation of the following road sections: Izvor – Boshkov Bridge, Sonchev Grad, Opae – Belanovce – Stanchikj, construction of the interchange Brvenica, building section Lipkovo – Nikushtak – Arachinovo, setting vertical and horizontal signalization, signaling at toll stations, sheds, bridges and tunnels rehabilitation, as well as lighting intersections of state highways. This item provides funds for finishing the road Shtip – Strumica, the intersection at the bypass of Skopje, the rehabilitation of the road Tetovo – Jazhince, for rehabilitation of the construction of the overpass over the road A1 – border with Greece, and other obligations.

Also, for maintaining investment in accordance with the agreement with JP “Makedonija” provided 170 million MKD and 488 million MKD will be spent on preparation of feasibility studies, infrastructure projects, environmental studies for new projects that have to be realized: section Garski Bridge – Izvor, section Rankovce – Kriva Palanka, while for the expropriation of land for the sections for construction in 2014 are projected 200 million MKD. In addition, the PE state roads will invest two million MKD for purchase of computer and video equipment for its administration building, as well as for pay tolls and new displays for toll stations.

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