Macedonian Ministry of Interior Affairs employs 12 pilots

Ministry of Interior Affairs for the first time through public announcement will hire 12 pilots for the elite helicopter unit of the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Minister Jankulovska noted that the first time realize this kind of competition for overcoming problems with staff.

- The selected candidates will get 19 monthly cutting edge training, not only of fundamental but also specific techniques, and the selection will be strict, transparent and principled, said Jankuloska.

Six employees will be hired with secondary and six with high education. Interested citizens from tomorrow on and in the next 28 days can apply for the announcement, through electronic means, at the Departments of Interior Afafirs and police stations in Skopje Gazi Baba, Bit Pazar and Karposh.

MIA has 7 helicopters and so far there is no woman pilot in the helicopter unit.

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