Twenty years of diplomatic relations between Macedonia and Russia

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia, Nikola Poposki and Ambassador of the Russian Federation Oleg Shcherbak today in Skopje will host formal reception marking the 20th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Representatives of the Government and other institutions will attend the Anniversary, while the Minister Poposki and Ambassador Shcherbak will addressed the attendees.

Russia recognized the independence of the Republic of Macedonia on August 41992, year after the breakup of Yugoslavia and the declaration of independence. Diplomatic relations, however, under the constitutional name of Macedonia were established on January 31 1994.

On 6 October 1994, the Russian representative in Skopje became the Embassy of the Russian Federation. That same year, the Macedonian liaison office in Moscow began to function as the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia.

Relations between the two countries are characterized by friendship and high level of cooperation. On January 27 1998, the Presidents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Macedonia signed declaration for cooperation and friendship between the two countries.

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