New foreign companies are interested in investing in Veles

Veles has multiple locations and facilities that can be used to be offer the foreign investors. Discussions are under way with new foreign companies interested to invest in this region.

Minister for Foreign Investments Vele Samak stated this at the meeting with the Mayor of the Municipality Slavcho Chadiev, which was aimed at examining the opportunities to put in use some of the existing facilities.

- We are working to attract companies from the automotive and manufacturing sectors. We have several projects that we work on. Municipality of Veles has multiple locations and unused capacity that can be used depending on the preferences of interested investors, stressed Minister Samak.

Chadiev indicated that as so far, they will continue to realize the excellent cooperation with the government in order to attract foreign investors in the field of light industry which will not have consequences over the environment.

- We re- mapped certain areas and opportunities with the Minister Samak where in the future we might attract interested investor. For us as a municipality, the economy is the most important, and we hope that during this year or next year we will attract new investor in the territory of the municipality, emphasized Mayor Chadiev.

Samak visited several industrial facilities, as well as the location where the German company “Marquardt” will build plant worth 35 million euro, and as it has been announced will initially employ around 600 workers.

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