Rotation of four Macedonian ambassadors

Four Macedonian ambassadors today before the Committee on Foreign Affairs presented their report on completed ambassadorial function and also introduced new platforms for diplomatic duties that are deployed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kire Ilioski reported on duty as Ambassador to the Kingdom of Sweden and the Republic of Finland and presented his platform as the newly appointed Ambassador and Head of the Permanent Mission of the international organizations in Vienna. Pajo Avirovikj reported the Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN and the platform for newly appointed Ambassador position in Israel. Ilija Isajlovski presented the report for duty Ambassador to the Russian Federation and the platform for the People’s  Republic of China, while the Ambassador Zoran Dabikj reported for the position Permanent Representative of the Republic of Macedonia in international organizations in Vienna and platform for new function Ambassador and Head of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Macedonia to NATO in Brussels.

During the debate, MPs backed the nomination of the four ambassadors who are professional staff and career diplomat and welcomed their commitment so far in the promotion and affirmation of Macedonian foreign policy interests. For the opposition disputed was the introduction of accountability across the upcoming elections as a new principle in the work of this Commission.

According to the chairman of the Committee on foreign policy and member of the ruling majority Miloshoski the ambassadors reports at the end of their mandate aims at supplementing the transparency and motivation, as well as to give weight to the Commission, and the ambassadors themselves in the pursuit of function.

- Accountable presentation or final reports of ambassadors today become the rule and an opportunity for further questions. No one mentioned nor intends to mention the party or coalition arrangements of the ruling majority or to abuse the role of Commission, contrary to it, all successes of ambassadors are successes of the state, regardless of electoral dynamics, said Miloshoski.

The MP Safet Bishevac, however, in the practice sees political marketing.

- I bother your act to present your work as a major success of the ruling coalition. Your job should not be marketing and boasting, absolutely in this Commission. The government misuses what you have done, says Bishevac.

Liliana Poposka from DOM with position that in the past this practice of accountability of ambassadors existed at the time when the Chairmen of Commission were Flora Kadriu and Teuta Arifi , and that today first time is practiced during the Miloshoski’s mandate.

Boneva from VMRO – DPMNE also supported the new norm, because as she says “the continuous practice of accountability means accountability of the executive towards the legislature and greater control of MIA and diplomatic work.

For efficient operation, all members agreed to limit the time for the ambassadors reports and their exposes.

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