Coffey-Stavrevski: Macedonia Leads in Southeastern Europe According to the Economic Freedoms Index

Macedonia’s results in the area of economic freedoms are above the average, both in the region and in the world, shows the last ranking done by the Heritage Foundation, which says Macedonia is on the 43rd place out of 180 countries in total.

Since the index started to be ranked in 2002, the country has achieved excellent results, and the reforms envisaged to be imposed in the period that would be comprised in the next ranking, will rise hopes for progress in several areas and better ranking points.

The aforementioned was stated by the Vice Prime Minister and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski and the Heritage Foundation representative Luke Coffey who today met at the Finance Ministry premises.

"Macedonia has realized excellent results since the ranking started in 2002. It has achieved improvement in terms of the labor market flexibility, as well as in terms of attracting foreign direct investments. Therefore, you should be proud by what Macedonia has achieved in a short period," said Mr. Coffey after the meeting.

He pointed that in world frames, Macedonia is on the 43rd place, and Greece on the 119th, while Albania is lagging 11 places behind Macedonia.

Vice Prime Minister Stavreski said there was content that Macedonia is a leader in Southeastern Europe according to the economic freedoms index. According to him, the ranking is yet another confirmation of the quality of the economic policies and the high level of economic freedom in the country.

He pointed that a significant progress has been made and that since 2000, when Macedonia was ranked on the 78th place, there has been progress of 35 places for the last published ranking this year. Mr. Stavreski believes that in the next ranking we will have even better results.

"I believe in further good cooperation and placing information on all new measures and reforms that are being taken in this period. Since the 2015 index will envisage the period from July 2013 to July 2014 I believe that with the reforms and the measures in the following period we will manage to realize progress in several areas and next year have an even better ranking although the current position of Macedonia is on an exceptionally high and satisfying level," said the vice prime minister.

Every year, the Heritage Foundation publishes the ranking of economic freedoms in the past 20 years. It measures the economic freedom through four area comprising freedom to start up a business, financing business, protection of ownership rights, the fiscal, tax and monetary freedom, and freedom of trading.

According to the Heritage Foundation representative, the ranking is very important because it contributes towards greater stability, safety and democracy.

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