Macedonia: Export Shows 17% Increase in First Three Months

In the first three months of this year, the export of goods from Macedonia was 1.112.587.000, while the import was 1.696.617.000. Compared to the first quarter last year, the export shows a 17% increase, while the import shows a 13% rise.

The State Statistical Office released results indicating that the import-export coverage is 65.6%, while the trade deficit is 4.031.000.

Macedonia exports the most precious metal catalysts or their alloys, such as ferro-silicate, ferronickel, iron or steel products and clothes. It mostly imports raw or powdered platinum and platinum alloys, electricity and other platinum group metals and their alloys, raw or in the form of powder.

Out of the exported goods, 80.1% have ended up in the EU, and 12.4% in the countries of the Western Balkans. Most, i.e. 63.2% of the total import comes from the EU member-states.

According to the overall range of external trade exchange, the Republic of Macedonia traded the most with Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Serbia and Italy. Macedonia maintains 52.1% of the total foreign trade exchange with these countries.

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