Continued growth in construction

Construction in recent years has increased and is increasing its share in the GDP. According to the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, the sector are more engaged in civil engineering and the companies are doing well and are creating jobs.

This was stated at the today’s press conference on the situation in the construction industry, at which was pointed out that the construction itself pulls the other branches, which contribute to their development. The greatest burdens carry medium and large businesses with 20 to 2,000 employees.

- I am glad to note that construction is engaged in civil engineering, almost evenly throughout the country, which was our commitment at the road Smokvica -Demir Kapija as well as part of Corridor 10, highway from Miladinovci to Shtip and Kichevo to Ohrid. This is the advantage we seek, fast flow of goods and services, said today at the press conference Maria Petroska from the Construction Association at the Chamber of Commerce.

According to her, the construction of road infrastructure will contribute to the development of rural tourism in the country for which there are excellent conditions.

- The government provided funds and has already started major investment undertakings i.e. reconstruction of the highway Skopje-Veles, expanding road Veles -Kadrifakovo, building more regional and local roads, health facilities, residential, industrial and sports facilities. In the next period will begin construction of the railroad with Bulgaria and Greece, said Petroska.

She added that according to the calculations, the total value of investment in these projects would be 860 million euro. It confirms that construction will continue to be active and would have even greater engagement.

Construction companies participate with about 6.1 percents of total assets and 6.8 percents of the total number of employees in the country.

According to the State Statistical Office, the number of active construction companies in Macedonia is 4322 with about 45,000 employees.

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