New Faculty of Information and Communications Technology Opened in Bitola

As part of the "St. Clement of Ohrid" University, today a new Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies (FIKT) was opened in Bitola.

The study program comprises subjects from the current programs from the technical faculty and the faculty of administration and management of information systems, but it will also feature new subjects.

The university’s rector is undertaking talks for hiring visiting professors or full-time ones from CERN, Switzerland, Beijing, China, the Franklin University in the US and the Faculty of Poly-Techniques Sciences from Berlin, Germany.

"The newly opened Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies (FIKT) will include the teaching staff from the current Faculty of Administration and Management of Information Systems, which, due to its shut down, has been allocated at the FIKT, where in the new academic year, 341 students have enrolled,” the rector of the University, Zlatko Zoglev said at the opening ceremony.

According to the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski, the monitoring of the trend that shows lack of IT engineers, especially in the Pelagonija region, has prompted the Government to decide to merge the study programs of the Technical Faculty and the Faculty of Administration and Management of Information Systems into one, new faculty.

"FIKT will be a successful story, and the students, right out of college, will be able to immediately join the labor market," Ivanovski said.

The students, he added, are getting an education so that they will work and build the future of Macedonia.

"The placed infrastructure and the latest indicators show that Macedonia is highly ranked in world frames, with modern infrastructure, and fast broadband internet which enables each qualified engineer to work on whatever position in Macedonia and be competitive on the labor market, not only in Macedonia and not only on the territory of the EU, but anywhere in the world," Ivanovski pointed.

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