Did Foreign Services Have a Hand in Smilkovci Murders?

These days once again, and rightfully so, the Macedonian public is discussing the murder at Smilkovsko Lake in which five Macedonian teens were killed execution style. Some of the perpetrators of this crime (but not all) received deserved punishment. However, we still don't have an answer to a key question: Why did they do it and what was the motive to kill five precious innocent lives who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time - fishing at Smilkovsko Lake?

We heard various theories, assumptions, scenarios ... what actually happened before the murder, what happened after this heinous crime. In all of them the main point, the main focus is the ethnic dimension of the event - Albanian jihadists killed five Macedonians, execution style! The supposed reason for the crime: 39 acres of land that was given as concession to someone 30 years ago...at least that's what we were initially told, under the assumption we are all idiots.

It is interesting to consider the possible involvement of foreign factor(s) in this tragic event! Namely, did someone outside of Macedonia had an interest or an incentive for this crime to occur, who judging by the seriousness of it, could have escalated quickly with serious consequences. The most predictable reaction to the crime would be parents, relatives and friends of the five killed to take up arms and go revenge them in nearby neighborhoods where Albanians live and go on a rampage there. Was this the planned outcome?  

Personally, I am firmly convinced that a foreign nation(s) had a hand in the crime at Smilkovci. And this is why. The crime happened a month and a half before the NATO summit in Chicago in which Macedonia rightfully deserved to receive an invitation for full membership. With no real arguments against, Macedonia was denied (It's not just the Greeks that trip up Macedonia). Once again, Albanian jihadists were used to play the card of 'fragile ethnic relations' in an effort to cause a major incident with serious consequences. Thank God this plan failed, primarily due to the composure of Smilkovci residents as well as the Macedonian police who responded quickly to de-escalate the situation.

Although the defined outcome of this heinous crime cooked up in a secret underground lab did not happen, at the Chicago Summit, this crime was extensively elaborated and Macedonia was not given membership.

My view that a foreign nation is involved in the Smilkovci crime is cemented by the fact two of the planners as well as executioners are currently in Kosovo, supposedly in jail for two years for illegal possession of a gun! If this wasn't tragic, it would be comical. In addition, Kosovo has repeatedly rejected Macedonia's requests to extradite the two Albanian jihadists suspected of killing five Macedonians, a very serious crime. The reason why Kosovo is not extraditing them is rather obvious: The two are the planners and by default know who ordered this heinous crime. It will not surprise anyone before their sentence is up if they get heart attacks, or get suicided in their cell. No living witnesses no case?

I wonder why our "strategic partners", the United States, do not want to cooperate to resolve this case? Why, for instance did they not provide satellite imagery of the place before, after, during... Many things would have become clear.

My thesis towards creating conflicts and various crises in Macedonia prior to each NATO Summit can be supported by the infantile and degeneric behavior of Macedonia's opposition by boycoting institutions, Parliament, elections even though the head of the State Electoral Commission is a member of their party.
This infantile behavior by the opposition was the  main argument for Macedonia's enemies to claim there was no democracy in the country and we did not meet the "political criteria" for NATO membership.
The opposition's primary concern is how to get more millions from George Soros and Greece, as for Macedonian priorities... some other time, likely never.

The terrible crime at Smilkovsko Lake and the current opposition boycott serve as a warning: foreigners are deeply involved in the political process in the country in order to contest and slow its progress, but lets not forget that we often dig our own grave.

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