Two Macedonians in Attempt to Break Guinness World Record in 24hr Car Pushing

The greatest distance passed by pushing a car by two men in 24 hours is the challenge that Aleksandar Cekorov and Aleksandar Smilkov are going to try to beat on Saturday at the Forza Sport center, when they try to break the current Guinness Record, which currently stands at 82,4 kilometers.

For 20 years, Cekorov has been actively involved in the marathon and ultra-marathon running. He is the first Macedonian to run 100 kilometers and still holds the Macedonian records in the 6-day (558km) and the 10-day (890km) ultra-marathon races. Smilkov has been actively practicing fitness and has a marathon experience as well.

The car will be pushed on a round track at the Forza sport center. A seven-member committee, comprised of judges of Macedonia's Athlete Federation, as well as eminent athletes and sport workers will attend and ensure the regularity of the event and the meeting of the Guinness rules. The event will be documented with a 24-hour video, photographs and a record book by the committee. 

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