Macedonian Industrial Production Grows by 6.4%

Industrial production index in June this year, compared to the same month last year, marks a 6.4% growth, the State Statistical Office has said.

According to sectors, the industrial production in the mining and quarrying sector in June 2015, compared to June 2014, has risen by 9.2%; the processing industry saw a growth of 4.3%, while the electric energy, gas, steam supply and air conditioning sector has went up by 13.8%.

The comparison of the main industrial groups shows that the production in June 2015, in terms of June 2014 marks a growth with the energy sector - by 5.8%; intermediary products, except energy - by 4.4%, and capital products - by 33.3%, while there has been a decrease with wide consumption permanent products - by 16.6%, and wide consumption impermanent products - by 0.5%.

The industrial production in the period January-June 2015, in terms of the same period last years, marks a 0.8% growth.

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