Gruevski - Unemployment reduced to 28.8 percent

The 38-percent unemployment has now been cut to 28.8 percent, which is a serious breakthrough in a time of global crisis, which has an effect on the economy, said Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski on Sunday.

"Unemployment is still high and we are focused on this issue. However, we should mention that it has been reduced from 38 to 28.8 percent, which comes at a time of global economic crisis and Europe's debt crisis that significantly slow down the economy, exports, FDIs", Gruevski told journalists at the promotion of new equipment in City General Hospital "8 September".

According to him, Macedonia has lowered the unemployment rate in circumstances where it has risen in most of European states.

"This does not mean we should stop and be happy with this. It is still very high and we should remain focused on its lowering. All economic measures we are undertaking have the ultimate goal of opening new jobs", stressed Gruevski.

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