Vienna Insurance Group with the largest share of the insurance market in Macedonia

With nearly billion and a half MKD for premium, Vienna Insurance Group is the dominant market leader among insurance groups in Macedonia for 2013.

Winner – Vienna Insurance Group presented the official results for the business in 2013, which once again achieved excellent results, increasing revenue and profits of nearly 8 %. By this continues the positive trend of dynamic growth of the company. The company further informed that according to the published results, Wiener stands out from the competition in dynamic resolution of claims by sweeping lowest number of pending claims between insurance companies in 2013.

In addition, the summarized results of the domestic insurance market in the past year show that with the policy premium 1 billion and 414 million MKD, Vienna Insurance Group remains the undisputed leader by market share in the country.

- Figures and the results are excellent, and passed norms in all parameters evaluated as an essential foundation for success and long-term stability, but what makes us most pleased and that you cannot find in the reports is the satisfaction and trust of customers who feel all privileges of our hard work. Exactly their satisfaction and their confidence is the most important criteria is the biggest reward for us, said Dr. Zoran Narashanov, General Manager at Winner – Vienna Insurance Group for this occasion.

The Vienna Insurance Group is the most powerful insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe, present in 25 countries with over 50 companies and with annual revenues of nearly 10 billion euro. The Group is present in Macedonia through Wiener insurance since 2009.

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