Iraqi businessmen are visiting Macedonia

Businessmen from Iraq this week will visit Macedonia to become familiar with its economic potentials. They are particularly interested in food and industrial products, and construction sectors, tourism, health, education, and sport.

As informed by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia in the country comes delegation of the Union of Iraqi businessmen whose goal is to organize more business missions this year.

The headquarters of the Union, which has 17 regional offices in Baghdad.

- It is a business association of entrepreneurs with high personal integrity, financial and administrative independence. Collaborating with governments, Arab and international organizations, encourages the establishment of joint ventures in Iraq in order to reconstruct the economy, says Ljubica Nuri from the Chamber.

The idea of the realized contacts, she adds is restructuring of economic relations that existed twenty years ago.

- Iraqi are companies interested in importing and distributing various types of Macedonian products to the Iraqi market, food and beverages, agricultural products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, metal complex, construction and building materials, industrial equipment, trade of consumer goods, furniture, transport, tourism etc. Businessmen will get acquainted with investment opportunities and potentials for doing business in Macedonia. As part of their visit, we will organize business forum for establishing bilateral business contacts with Macedonian companies that would emerge as their potential business partners. During the visit are planned bilateral talks with Iraqi companies from several sectors, says Ljubica Nuri.

According to Nuri, the Iraqi private sector can be bridge for placement of Macedonian products in other countries in the Middle East.

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