Foreign investors increase the export

Johnson Matthey, Feni, Jugohrom Feroalojs, Sasa, Buchim are five companies that achieved the highest export value of Macedonia in 2013, and again Johnson Matthey, which imported automotive parts and power companies Okta, Lukoil, EFT Macedonia and ELEM are listed as the largest importers in Macedonia in 2013.

According to the Central Registry, the five largest exporters of Macedonia are the foreign investors, while the biggest importers are energy companies.

Johnson Matthey plant in Bunardgik is recorder; it is on the first place on the list of major importers and exporters in the largest state.

Johnson Matthey, Feni, Jugohrom Feroalojs, Sasa and  Buchim are five companies that achieved the highest export value of Macedonia in 2013, and again Johnson Matthey, which imported automotive parts and power companies Okta, Lukoil, EFT Macedonia ELEM the list largest importers in Macedonia in 2013.

This list shows that foreign investors build the Macedonian export, while the country is dependent on emergencies, which are building the import.

According to the State Statistical Office, exports in 2013 grew by 6.6% on total 4.26 billion dollars, while imports was 6.59 billion dollars, an increase of 1.1% compared with 2012. According to the Statistical Office, the total trade deficit last year is 2.33 billion dollars, which is for 176 million dollars less compared to the estimated deficit in 2012. The total trade in 2013 reached 10.8 billion dollars and it is increase of 3.4%.

The figures show that the trade in products shows that among most imported goods are Johnson Matthey catalysts, followed by ferronickel, iron and steel and clothing. In imports, most imported product is platinum which in turn serves Johnson Matthey production of catalysts, followed by petroleum products, electricity, and motor vehicles for transport of persons.

The data of the National Bank in 2013 shows that in 2013 energy imports was 1.07 billion dollars down compared with 1.39 billion dollars importing electricity, petroleum products, and gas in 2012.

Statistics show that last year in Macedonia were imported oil and petroleum products worth 745 million dollars, followed by electricity imports of 170 million dollars, and gas with 110 million dollars imported in 2013.

The data show the closeness of domestic production facilities. If foreign investor company that works in one of the free zones for only few years to succeed dramatically change the picture trade in the country, then it becomes clear the inertia of domestic companies for increased sales and export to overseas markets.

Exports from the zones over half billion euro

Exports from companies in the FTZ are rapidly growing. In the first six months of the year from TIRZ was realized export of over 550 million euro. According to the data, export has been increased twice in comparison with the same period last year. By the end of the year, according to forecasts of the head of the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones, export will reach over 1 billion euro, writes Vecher.

The main drivers of export zones is Johnson Matthey, a company that in June rapidly increased its exports and in September is expect new export boom, when the company will begin operations in the fourth line. With full capacity will star to work not later than 2016, when export is expected to reach 900 million euro. The contribution to exports gives Van Hull, Johnson Controls in Shtip and U.S. Kemet Electronics.

Continuously is noted increased exports of free economic zones. As time goes by, more and more companies not only employ more people but, they increases their volume of production companies, while increasing exports from companies outside of industrial zones as Drekselmajer, Kromberg and Schubert and Amfenol, which began to work in free economic zones – says Viktor Mizo, director of TIDZ.

Last year exports from free economic zones accounted for 25% of total exports, and this year may exceed 30%, says Mizo, and it will lead to reduction in the trade deficit, as well as new hires. With the increase in production will be stimulated the involvement of domestic companies as suppliers for foreign companies. Apart from growth in exports, the foreign investments are expected to create many jobs and reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

The largest exporters


-Feni Industry

-Jugohrom Feroalojs



The largest importers




-EFT Macedonia


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