What are the top five largest importers and exporters in the country?

Five largest exporters in Macedonia are Johnson Matthey, Feni Industry, Jugohrom Feroalojs Sasa and Buchim. While the five largest importers are Johnson Matthey who import car parts, oil refinery companies Okta and Lukoil, EFT Macedonia which trades with electricity and ELEM. Thus, foreign investors are building exports, and energy dependence of the state builds the import.

According to preliminary data of the State Statistical Office, the total value of goods exports from the Republic of Macedonia in the period January-December 2013 was  4,266,861 thousand U.S. dollars, while import was 6.599, 824 thousands U.S. dollars. Import coverage by export was 64.7%. The trade deficit in January-December 2013 was 2.332, 963 thousand U.S. dollars.

Trade in goods exports shows that the most significant is participation of catalysts with precious metals or their compounds, ferronickel, iron and steel (rolled products), clothes, and petroleum oil. The most prevalent in import are petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals (other than crude), platinum and platinum alloys, unwrought or in powder, electricity and motor vehicles for transport of persons.

In the period January-December 2013, the most important participation in export had 28 EU countries (72.6%) and the Western Balkan countries (17.6%), and the most important import partners are 28member states of the EU (62.6%) and other countries, not elsewhere specified (11.6%). According to the total volume of foreign trade, the Republic of Macedonia’s most important trade partners are Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Serbia, and Italy (50.1% of total foreign trade exchange with these five countries).

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