Macedonia in search of a renowned airline to be its National Flag bearer

Macedonia is looking for and flag bearer in the European sky. A national airline which will promote the state, will develop national aviation industry, will bring benefits of a new fleet, new jobs, destinations. The Government starts the procedure, will explore the interest of world renowned companies to establish a branch in the country. According to experts’ opinions, the existing modern airports and the million of passengers make the perfect time to find a company to fly under the Macedonian flag and to return the qualified personnel to the country, MRT reports.

We will have a chance to see planes with the Macedonian flag and ensigns in the sky again, our qualified personnel, pilots, flight attendants, to return to the country, and open new jobs, besides the aviation personnel, will be created,” said pilot Kiril Kaevski for MRT.

 A consulting company will analyse the market to see whether famous airlines are interested to operate through the strategic partnership with Macedonia.
Along with the Government we will put on paper all the conditions the government can offer, such as additional subsidies, to reserve the best lines for that particular airline and other benefits the Government could offer. After creating such package, after the complete analysis, a few roadshows will take place to present the package for establishment of a base in Macedonia to many world renowned airlines, both European and global ones,” stated Transport and Connections Minister Mile Janakieski.
In order for Skopje to become a regional center for airline passengers, the state must have a national airline. This is also the opinion of Sani Şener, the head of TAV.

It requires investments, to additionally influence to increase passengers number. Turkish Airlines currently play that role by flying 14 times a week from Skopje to Istanbul and the low-budget company Wizz Air which operates with direct flight from Skopje to many European destinations,” says Sani Şener, co-founder and chief executive officer of TAV Airports.
In the past two decades, three companies have been operating under the Macedonian flag, while “Paler”, “Avioimpex” and “MAT” have attempted to establish a national airline carrier on several occasions. Up until now, the Government has been dissociating itself from this idea, focusing its strategy on attracting low-budget companies and offering flight subsidies.

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