Exports from the zones is breaking records, for eight months 750 million euro

In the first eight months of 2014 was almost reached the level of realized export on annual base for 2013, which was 760 million euro for export from TIRZ, said Viktor Mizo, director of the zones in the statement for Vecher.

Total 750 million euro were exported by the foreign investors operating in the free zones in the first eight months of this year. That means, only for eight months this year was reached amount that the export free zones had for 2013.

As Vecher reports, according to the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones, export zones from the beginning of 2014 has noticed continued growth.

-The exports growth is due to the fact that we have new companies that are functional and which in 2013 still did not work as companies, “Van Hall” in Skopje 2, “Johnson Controls” in Shtip, the second phase of the “Johnson Matthey” in Skopje 1, the larger production of “Kemet”, but there has also been dramatic increase in exports of “Teknohoze” said the Director, Viktor Mizo for Vecher.

Since September we are expecting new export boom when the company starts up with the fourth line. With full capacity will work until 2016, when exports is expected to reach 900 million euro.

-Company “Johnson Matthey” on monthly level increases its production and had record breaking at the previous month – says Mizo.

In 2013 exports of companies located in zones was 25% of the total export of the country.

Besides the growth of exports, the foreign investments are expected to create many jobs and reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

- TIRZ Skopje and Shtip in 2013 had 2,500 employees. This year only at the existing companies in the zones will be approximately 3,500 employees. The figure for next year will be dramatically increased with the realization of investments from the beginning of the year confirmed with the investment decisions – says Mizo.

Macedonia in the past main export was from semi-metal and textile industry, but today the structure of exports is changed. Companies rapidly conquer foreign markets. The country is one of the few in Europe that achieved trade surplus with Germany. According to the Bureau of Statistics, with catalysts, followed by ferro-nickel, iron and steel are leading in the export. Mostly are imported oil, cars, and electricity.

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