Foreign investors are coming to the country as never before

The policy for attracting is one of the most successful. Before the elections, 17 companies reported their investment and so far 6 more companies reported their decisions and another 6 brought internal decisions, and 2 decided to expand its facilities. Investors who before the elections announced that will invest in Macedonia are actively working on opening or preparation of new factories. Among them are “Dijatek” from Italy, “Veibo Group” Turkish, Ukrainian, “Energy”, “Markart” from Germany, writes Lider.

What kind of companies will invest and where?

-The six companies that have decided to invest are Montand Group from Italy, which have announced construction of plant in Skopje TIRZ 1 for production of dampers for heavy vehicles, in the amount of 100 million euro with 100 employees, but with potential of up to 400 jobs, as well as “Match Group” the Turkish agricultural company that bought agricultural land and plans to build a redeemed center and to invest in agriculture. “Dempo SGroup” Turkey dealing with the production of packaging, coal and marble, have announced that they will invest in two factories in Macedonia, the first investment of $ 3 million in production of plant containers with 150 employees, and the second plant investment for production of marble and mosaics, worth $ 3 million and planned 150 jobs, with tendency to employ 400 people in the next period. The fourth company is “Smyrna” from Turkey, which already has investment in Bitola and are planning to buying land in Novaci and Mogila and which has plans to expand in Rosoman. Their aim is to create new plants and construction of distribution centers. Fifth company is OHI Group from Turkey, which inform that they are about to finish the preparations and to open factory for tires and adhesives and will employ 400 workers. The sixth company, “Prolajn” Turkey, with the investment in plant for production of plastic worth at least three million jobs and 50 jobs at start, said Nikola Gruevski, Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia.

Companies that made ​​the internal decisions

German company will invest in Skopje TIRZ 2 in factory for electrical devices, the opportunity for employment of 500 jobs for professionally educated people. Global company from USA from the automotive industry has taken decision to invest in the TIRZ Skopje 1 and the total investment is 15 million with planned opening of 400 jobs. Company from Turkey has decided to invest in Macedonia in facilities for producing food, American global company from the outsourcing sector decided to expand in Macedonia, and within two years to open 300 jobs, and in the long run 1,000 jobs. Mixed American and Western European international company has made ​​internal decision to invest in Prilep in Mariovo region, with at least 1,000 employees. The company based in the United States has made ​​ internal decision to invest in Macedonia and to open facilities in Skopje and Bitola and 2,000 jobs,” said Gruevski.

Peshevski: Macedonia knows what it does and is on good track

Macedonia with its economic policies, what companies and investors do shows that knows what is doing and is on good track, said Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Vladimir Peshevski.

-We have growth of industrial production in the first half of the year, we export growth, significant increase in foreign investment, especially, we have growth in exports of industrial zones, which is over 90 percents compared to last year. The indications are that we will have one, economically speaking, good year having in mind the results so far, said Peshevski.

Infrastructure – a priority

-In this phase are ongoing constructions of three highway sections, they are negotiated by this Government in the past period. We have projects in the field of energy, totally new wind park, restored and rehabilitated all existing hydropower plants, built number of regional and local roads, build railway to Bulgaria, and range of other smaller infrastructure projects, said Deputy Prime Minister.

Exports of foreign investors in the zones is throwing down the records

In the first eight months of the year, exports from the zones were 750 million euro. If one compares the data it can be concluded that only for eight months this year export free zones was reached same as whole 2013. The exports from the zones since the start of 2014 has seen continued growth, inform from the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones.

According to Mizo, the rising of exports is indicator of the efficiency of production companies in Macedonia, and the recovery of the European economy. According to the Directorate “Johnson Matthey” is continuous breaking own record for export from zones.

In 2014- exports from the zones worth over billion euro and more than 3500 employees

-In the first eight months of 2014 almost was reached the level of realized export in 2013, which was 760 million euro of export of TIRZ. The implemented export so far has positive momentum that exports in 2014 from the zones annually will be over 1 billion euro – says Mizo.

Besides the growth of exports, the foreign investments are expected to create jobs and reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

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