IMF: Macedonian economy with the highest growth in the region

Macedonia’s economy this year and next 2015, according to the latest forecast by the International Monetary Fund, will have the highest growth in the region.

IMF latest report predicts Macedonian economy to grow by 3.4 percents and 3.6 percents for next.

According to the report, the inflation this year will be 0.6 percent and 2.3 percents next year. The current account deficit is projected at 4.6 percents and 5.7 percents at the 2015.

GDP growth in Montenegro according to forecasts will be 2.3 percents for this year and 3.4 percents for the next year, Albania 2.1 percents for this year and 3.3 percents for  2015 and 0.7 percents in BiH for this and 3.5 percents for next year. For Croatia and Serbia is predicted recession.

IMF before the annual meeting with the World Bank in Washington cut the growth forecast for the world economy and is expected GDP growth of 3.3 percents for this year and 3.8 percents for next year.

International Monetary Fund twice year publishes regular forecasts for the global economy, in spring and fall.

Since the financial crisis in 2008 publishes updated forecasts for leading economies in the world and regions.

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