Kromberg & Schubert will build another plant in Bitola

The German company “Kromberg & Schubert” will soon begin construction of its 23 factory in the world.

The new factory will be built in Bitola, particularly in the industrial zone Zhabeni, located near to the border crossing Medzitlija with neighboring Greece, writes Nova Makedonija.

With nearly 2,500 current employees and 2,000 workers planned, the new company would become one of the largest employers not only in Bitola, but also in the region and would employ more workers then the largest power plant in the state, REK “Bitola”, where are working about 3,000 employees.

The possibility that “Kromberg & Schubert” intends to build new plant in Bitola, which will employ at least 2,000 workers, was announced by the Bitola Mayor Vladimir Talevski after meeting with the new German Ambassador to Macedonia, Christina D. Althauzer.

- These days, I received information that “Kromberg & Schubert” are seriously considering soon to start building new factory, which would be within already existing plant, located in the industrial zone Zhabeni, or in its immediate vicinity, noted Taleski.

The existing factory in the “Kromberg & Schubert”, which is producing ​​cables for automotive vehicle “Audi”, “Morris Mini”, “BMW” and “Mercedes” is already operating with over 2,200 workers, tending their number by the end of the year to reach 2,500 workers.

The plant has consistently announced call for admission of new workers and training and interviews of those who apply for work.

If the new factory is built in the industrial zone Zhabeni it will employ more than 2,000 workers, bringing the total number of workers working in the factories of “Kromberg & Schubert” in Bitola at 4,500 workers.

This facility will be the largest in Bitola, which according to its meaning will not be less significant than REK “Bitola”, which according to the number of employees without doubt currently is the biggest capacity in Bitola – highlighted Mayor of Bitola.

The German company “Kromberg & Schubert” is family company from the automotive industry, which has successful history and development of more than 110 years.

It is today one of the world leaders in producing cable wiring, plastic technology and mechatronic, which has 27 thousand employees in 22 factories worldwide.

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