Exports grew faster than imports in Macedonia

In the first 10 months of this year, exports grew by 19 and imports by 13 percents compared to the same period last year, and the exchange became more balanced. The coverage of imports by exports, from 64.5% last year, rose to 68.1%.

The European Union remains our key market, with Germany as the most important trade partner of Macedonia. In exchange with this country, we have surplus of over billion dollars. Within the first five “major trading partners,” with which we accomplish over half of the exchange are Great Britain, Greece, Serbia, and Italy.

Leading export products of the country, for the most part are products from the free economic zones. The catalysts from “Johnson Matthey”, machinery, and transport equipment manufactured by other companies have growth of 94 percents. Among the most traded export products are Ferro-nickel, iron, and steel. Companies from zone only this year alone, delivered products worth over billion euros.

-It means that we are on track to achieve what we projected that this year we will have increase of 50% of the exports from the free economic zones, compared with last year, said Viktor Mizo, Director of free economic zones.

In ten months of this year, total trade exceeded $ 10 billion. Across borders, we have sent goods and services worth over 4 billion, and we have imported in value of more than six billion. The trade deficit is under two billion dollars.

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