NBA Coach Compares His Team to Macedonia - Small and Ineffective

Minnesota has struggled mightily in the NBA after seeing all of its best players sidelined with injuries (Nikola Pekovic, Kevin Martin, Ricky Rubio, Ronnie Turiaf). 

Flip on GSW: "Ever play RISK? I feel like I'm Macedonia with 2 soldiers and I'm surrounded by 50 soldiers and have to roll sixes 49 times straight"

The sports books seem to agree with Flip here, as the Wolves are being given 14 points in quite a few betting places. The Wolves are 0-11 against teams that are .500 or better, while the Warriors are currently 12-0 against losing teams and a 10-1 road record so far this season. 

Come on Flip, did you really have to use Macedonia in your example? 2 Soldiers? We have well over 4 soldiers. 
Minnesota did lose their match against Golden State, in fact it was thumped once again 102-86.

As someone who has watched the T'Wolves live (during the Garnett days), maybe it's up to the coach to better organize his team instead of starting with two 19 year olds in the lineup who have proven ineffective game after game. Some food for thought there. 

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