CNN: Macedonia in the top 10 places in the world to start a business

Macedonia is on the fifth place among the top ten countries to start businesses in the world, according to CNN regarding the Going Global.

The article was published in the section of CNN called Going Global, which is intended to entrepreneurs who choose to invest globally and explores topics including business investment strategy, marketing and international logistics . The article is currently on the main news page of the Going Global on CNN, which is a great promotion for the Republic of Macedonia.

CNN reported that in the past 5 years Macedonia has simplified the procedures for establishing companies with no required minimum capital, lowered the administrative procedures, reduced the time required for application, and established an electronic way of submitting documents for establishing a company. New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Singapore are countries that are listed ahead of Macedonia.

According to the latest World Bank report, which ranks economies according to terms of running a business, you can easily start a business in New Zealand. The ranking covers 185 economies worldwide.

For example, in New Zealand, the procedure for starting a business has only one step and lasts only one day, in other words someone who wants to open a business just needs to apply for registration online. According to the report, the process cost NZ $ 163,55 and a minimum capital is not required.

In this case Macedonia is ranged ahead the U.S. which is on the 13th place, where six steps are needed to start a business without capital minimum

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