Macedonia's GDP in December rises 9.5%, highest in Europe

The European Union for the month of December recorded a decline in the overall GDP of the Eurozone by -0.7%, surpassing the predicted -0.3%.
Macedonia painted somewhat diferent picture, registering a 9.5% GDP growth, highest in Europe.

According to Europe's Statistical Office, numerous European economies registered negative GDP and industrial output. Estonia posted -5.7% decline, Slovenia -2.7%, Yunanistan -2.6%, Holland -2.6%, Portual -0.7%. The biggest challenge for the Eurozone was negative industrial outputs in the Energy sector -2.7%. 

For 2013, the biggest GDP growth was recorded by Romania with 7% and the Czech Republic with 6.7%, while the biggest decline in GDP was recorded by Malta with -7.3% and Ireland with -6.

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