Macedonia sends help to Serbia and Bosnia - helicopter, 75 rescuers, boats..

During an emergency session of the Macedonian Government, it was decided to send immediate help to Serbia and Bosnia.
To this end, official Skopje is sending a Mi 17 helicopter to transport people to safety, 75 water rescue experts from the Agency for Protection and Rescue as well as technical support personnel from the Ministry of Interior and Defense.
The Macedonian Government is also sending 45 water extraction pumps, 10,000 sand bags, 35 generators, 9 rescue boats, 3000 blankets, medical supplies etc, reported MIA.
The help is already in Serbia and Bosnia, it was sent as soon as official word came from Saraevo and Belgrade that assistance was needed.
Russia, Israel, Slovenia are also providing assistance with more European countries joining in.
Update: Earlier today Macedonia sent a helicopter Mi17 with crew to assist with rescuing operations. Mineral water company "Pelisterka" joined the action and sent 225,000 liters of water.

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