Miladinovci-Stip Highway Construction Launched

The construction work of the Miladinovci - Sveti Nikole - Stip road has started, Utrinski Vesnik daily reads.

Domestic companies, supervised by the Chinese company "Sinohydro", are currently excavating the site. The project is considered one of the most important segments for the economic development of the eastern part of the country.

"We have launched the construction work on May 2, and given the dynamics, the highway should be finished by May 2, 2017", Dai Gia Dong, Sinohydro's technical documentation manager, stated.

According to the information gathered on the site, a real construction raid will be launched in less than two weeks, when construction machinery, currently on-board a Chinese ship will be arriving at the Thessaloniki port, will be transported to Macedonia.

Gong Heng Liang, Sinohydro's administration manager, is strongly convinced that Macedonia will get a high quality highway.

At the moment, besides excavation, we have started working on two bridges.

"However, the "real" work is ahead of us, and no matter how high the temperatures are, we will work from dusk till down in order to meet the deadline", Heng Liang says. 

At least 40 of the 80 construction experts have already arrived in Sveti Nikole.

The two-lane highway will be 29 meters wide, with security belt of 4 meters and a water protection system.There will be another two, 2.5 meters wide, lanes on both sides for stopping. 

This is the best and the most indispensable project for the business community which will have huge impact on trade.

"The Belgian company, Van Hool, has chosen our company for long-term cooperation, so we are building a huge factory in Stip, in the Bunardzik area. Major remarks from our foreign partners refer to the bad infrastructure, so this will be a huge, positive change which will contribute to boost business in this part of the country, Ile Nikolov, "Aktiva" Director says.

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