FM Poposki on Name Issue

According to FM Nikola Poposki, Macedonia should not expect any movement in the name issue without a political motivation in Greece and a concrete involvement of the major NATO and EU members. “Currently, the biggest limiting factor is that there is almost no political motive in Greece in terms of seriously sitting down and seeking a resolution to this issue,” he stressed. He added that the reasons for that situation are obvious - because the political focus is on the domestic stage and the challenges Greece is faced with, especially the ones in relation to the eurozone crisis. “In addition, it’s obvious that they want to avoid this issue and to continue the path of not making a decision in both NATO and the EU, and delaying both the solution and the progress as regards membership and the start of negotiations. For this to change, a bigger focus is absolutely needed from the major NATO and EU member state,” he said in the context of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement about the involvement in the name talks.

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