American intelligence agency CIA of its site has released the latest document according to which Yugoslavia for decades successfully hid the production of chemical weapons. 

According to this document, which is called "The discovery of chemical weapons program in the Balkans," CIA agent writes that he in 1996, on the spot in Macedonia assured that there during the SFRY occurred the secret tests of chemical weapons and that he found laboratories hidden in bunkers.

The agent during the war in former Yugoslavia sought the chemical weapons which were previously produced near Mostar. He said from sources in Zagreb he learned that such a plant existed in Bijelo Polje near Mostar.

He estimates that Yugoslavia had developed offensive chemical weapons for attack and defense and that he in Croatian Ministry of Defence has received confirmation that Yugoslavia 40 years away from the eyes of the world developed the program with gas, grenades, rockets, bombs ... They even led him to that location in the middle of a war, where he learned that the locals do not know anything about this program.

CIA in the document said that from Mostar to Krusevac was transported CS gas used for tear gas and hence it sold worldwide. The pre-war production of sarin in Mostar, wrote and Serbian media. According to ‘’Vecernji list’’,the hazardous gas from Mostar ended in Arab countries, to Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad. 

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