Soccer player liaison at NAC Breda, Serbian internationalist Uros Matic in an interview with Belgrade "Sport" emphasizes that in the coming period he will decide for which team he will play, because as he says among other things, he has Macedonian roots so he can choose our national team.

However, interesting in the story is that 24-year-old brother of Uros is the star of Chelsea, Nemanja Matic, so it comes out that given the brotherly Macedonian roots, Nemanja Matic if he liked he could play for Macedonia.

But of course because of the call from Serbia he already plays for the national team of our northern neighbor, and because it is not considered on him in the selection of Serbia, we offered with Uros who plays in midfield, or wants to push for appearance in the guise of "Eagles", along with his brother.

"I am 24 years old, I play standard, I play well, the national team is everyone's dream, even mine, and time passes so I have to something in this area. In the next period I will decide for which team I will play. I have a Bulgarian passport and I have and Macedonian roots ... "- Uros Matic said, who performs in the Netherlands together with our midfielder Aleksandar Damcevski.

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