Macedonia prepares tender for purchase of railway passenger cars

Macedonia's tender procedure for purchase of passenger cars for the railway has started. A tender and the contract is expected to be concluded at the end of the year, announced today the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.  
- It is an investment which is about 25 million, which has already begun. A tender and expect the deal to be concluded sometime later this year, in December, Macedonia's Minister said that was the opening of a new multipurpose playground Gorce Petrov.
Passenger cars should arrive 12 months after signing the contract or at the end of 2014. Minister reminded that the purchase of six garnish of cars, four of which are diesel and two electric cars garnish, who collected a total of 1,200 passengers.  
- Sixty percent of existing passenger cars will be replaced with new. It is a serious investment of 25 million euros. Until 35 years are invested in the purchase of new cars, said the Prime Minister.

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