Sabonis: Macedonia was robbed, strange circumstances enfolded

"I saw Macedonia - Montenegro match... I am sorry to say Macedonia lost in a strange way, the least I can say is, it got robbed by the officials. The officials must have stopped the match and review video footage if for instance they were not sure. Why do we have all this technology and dozens of cameras if referees do not use it like in the NBA. However, I must add referees are people and they make mistakes, however teams pay dearly for their mistakes, in this case Macedonia." says Sabonis in an interview with Macedonian media for the upcoming match against Lithuania.

Meanwhile Macedonia's coach Alesh Pipan was fuming more this morning than last night. He too reviewed the video footage which enraged him like the rest of us.

"Saw the video footage 10 times. One referee counted the basket, the other two referees quickly surrounded him and pushed him to change his mind, which he did. What is this, FIBA tournament or a high school play? As you can imagine my players are psychologically drained, therefore I've cancelled practice for this morning. Instead, we are going for a walk through Jesenice", concluded Pipan.

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