Macedonia leader in Europe in kidney transplantation from live donors

There are about 1500 patients on dialysis in Macedonia, and the number increases to about 80 new patients every year. One third of them are potential recipients of a kidney, or about 500 patients are waiting for transplantation.

On this occasion the Association for renal sick people NEFRON, at today’s press conference promoted brochure “Organ- donation – highest act of philanthropy – Let’s talk about it!”, appealed to all citizens to consider organ – donation.

According to statistics from 2012, Macedonia with 13.3 percent per one million is the leader in Europe on kidney transplantation from living donors, especially on cadaveric transplantation.

Spain is immediately after Macedonia with 7.7, Greece with 3.6 and Croatia with 2 percent per one million inhabitants performed ​​ kidney transplantation from a living donor.

According to statistics, no cadaveric kidney transplantation was performed last year in Macedonia, so the Association NEFRON appealed cadaveric transplantation to revive in Macedonia.

The Director of the Health Fund, Maja Parnardzieva – Zmejkova appealed to all citizens who have not done family tests to check if any of their family is a compatible donor, and contact the Clinic for Nephrology.

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