Janakieski: Investments in infrastructure projects continue

I expect the details and conditions of the concession on the road Gostivar – Kicevo, part of Corridor 8, to be finalized in the next few months, the Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski said in an interview with MIA.

He points out that the implementation of activities under the contract that was signed with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for advisory services in relation to the implementation of planned project for the construction, maintenance and toll collection of this section is underway. In addition, the International Finance Corporation will provide us advisory services in relation to opportunities for concession of the section Skopje – Blace, near the border with Kosovo.

- The International Finance Corporation, which works with the World Bank, is the largest global development institution, focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries and provides financing and advisory services relating to projects established a public -private partnership, and helps governments through its advisory activity to create conditions that stimulate the arrival of domestic and foreign private investment. They made ​​the necessary studies and technical analyzes of the section Gostivar – Kicevo and the project structuring is in a final stage so the process can be transparent, fair and competitive to attract private partner to implement the project, Janakieski stated.

Investment wave of more than a EUR billion in infrastructure projects will continue in the next period. This year even higher growth in construction is expected, because, as he says, construction of two new highways Miladinovci – Stip , Kicevo – Ohrid will begin, which were signed in December 2013 and the construction of the highway Demir Kapija – Smokvica will also continue. Construction, reconstruction or rehabilitation of 63 kilometers of new roads including sections Veles – Katlanovo and Miladinovci -Kumanovo will be performed, and in addition building of a gas pipeline from the Klechovce to Stip will start, and it is more than certain that construction of the railroad to Bulgaria will begin. All this suggests that the construction will be the engine of the economy in 2014, the Minister of Transport evaluated.

In the interview he speaks of electronic mode of licensing, in which according to him, the average period for obtaining building permits, according to data for December 2013, is 20 days.

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