The Macedonian Government issued an announcement Sunday condemning the latest videos posted on You Tube showing Greek infantry calling nationalistic cadences full of hatred against Greece’s neighbors, Vest reports.

In the latest video that has recently been posted on You Tube and the Facebook profile page of Dimitris Papadimoulis, a Member of the Greek Parliament from Syriza, during an exercise of unfamiliar date, soldiers of the Greek army can be seen marching and heard calling “We are going to suck the blood of Turks, Skopians and Albanians.”

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia is most harshly condemning the violent and menacing vocabulary of the Greek soldiers, typical of certain bygone times. Such acts stoke up inter-state hatred. The Government is taking all diplomatic steps to condemn this and other similar events in the Hellenic Republic, which do not contribute to the promotion of good-neighborliness and the spirit of cooperation,” the Government stated Sunday.

The announcement further relates that it is alarming that these indecent and uncivilized events have been reoccurring in Greece for years yet the public does not remember that the Greek authorities have ever issued an official apology or have disassociated themselves.

They are most certainly not bothered when Macedonian, Albanian and Turk tourists leave there money there,” the Government says.

According to the Macedonian Government, the European Union is turning a blind eye and tolerating this although it should not.

We are witnesses of exaggerated reactions to events in our country yet whenever such incidents reflecting and promoting violent nationalism happen in Greece, there is silence,” the announcement says.

In his comment posted under the video, Papadimoulis from Syriza urges the Greek authorities to take action against the outrageous conduct of the Greek soldiers, while Gregory Vallianatos from the Greek Liberal Alliance wonders whether this is in the spirit of understanding and cooperation among nations.  

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