Greece ties archaeology with Macedonia’s name issue

Greek newspaper “Agelioforos” has published an article titled ”Secrets of the Macedonian Land”, in which it accuses Macedonia’s authorities over “irredentist approach against Greece”.
“The NATO summit will be held in Wales on September 4-5, where leaders of the neighboring country want to attend, although they have not made even a small step towards settlement of the name issue and have an irredentist approach against Greece”, reads the paper.
The paper also refers to the visit of Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to an archaeological site in Amphipolis, where a royal tomb dating from the period of Alexander the Great has been uncovered.
Samaras said “an exceptionally important find” is expected. “The Greek land is full of large archaeological findings that confirm Macedonia’s Greek background. This is confirmed by excavations, writings of our ancestors. This should be taken into consideration by our partners in the EU and NATO, who react over the Macedonia name issue, since leaders of the neighboring state want to use the name for irredentist purposes”, adds ”Agelioforos”.
Meanwhile, there is complete silence in Greece over the hate speech used by Greek soldiers during training, in which they say would ”drink the blood” of Macedonians. Only several websites have reported that Macedonia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has presented Greek Ambassador Theocharis Lalakos with a note of protest over the incident.

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