“Doing Business”: Macedonia is the best place for investment in the region

Macedonia is at 30th place in the latest World Bank report “Doing Business 2015″. The first place in the world out of 189 countries, Macedonia is ranked as the best place to start business and is the best in the collection of taxes, reported MRT.

Out of the remaining 10 parameters, which enter in this report, Macedonia is well rated for receiving construction permits, power lines, and protection of investor rights. Worst rated are contract enforcement and property registration.

Three Macedonian towns entered in the report of the World Bank among 22 cities in the world listed as the best place to invest. Bitola is at 4th place, Skopje at 16th and Tetovo at 17th place.

Macedonia is best placed country in the region. Montenegro is found at 36th place, 38th place Bulgaria, Slovenia at 51th, ​​Greece at 61, Croatia at 65, Albania at 68, Kosovo at 75, Serbia at 91 and Bosnia and Herzegovina at 107 place.

This year, at first place in the world is ranked Singapore, followed by New Zealand and Hong Kong.

World Bank makes the ranking in the last three years. Last year, Macedonia was at 25th place and in 2013 was at 36th place.

The first report of the World Bank “Doing Business” was released on 2004.

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