British newspaper The Independent reported info graphic for cheapest and most expensive places to live of 119 countries worldwide. The comparison is made by the index of prices in New York. Macedonia is in the company of India, Tunisia, Pakistan, Nepal, Egypt, Algeria, Moldova, Colombia.

The five countries, where your bank account will be drained when the time comes for payment of basic goods and services are Switzerland, Norway, Venezuela, Iceland and Denmark.

Macedonia is the eighth country with the cheapest prices for food, transportation, restaurants and utilities. This rating list did not take into account the prices of housing, clothing and education. According to these data shows the difference in the cost of living using the largest database in the world made up of users from different cities and countries around the world.

The CPI is a relative indication of the cost of living in one country compared to New York. For example, if in a country the index is 70, it means that in that country to 30 percent are cheaper costs of living compared to New York.

Index of the most expensive countries in the world

Switzerland 126.03

Norway 118.59

Venezuela 111.51

Iceland 102.14

Denmark 100.6

Australia 99.32

New Zealand 93.71

Singapore 93.62

Kuwait 92.97

UK 92.18

Index of the cheapest countries in the world

India 26.27

Nepal 28.85

Pakistan 30.71

Tunisia 34.06

Algeria 34.1

Moldova 24.72

Egypt 27.22

Macedonia 37.41

Syria 38.2

Columbia 38.92

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