IBM's IBV ranks Macedonia as #1 in Job Creation/Capita

The world is neither flat nor round. From an economic perspective, the world is more like a Rubik’s Cube, with varying combinations of interdependent conditions and developments leading to different outcomes. Technological advances, new and emerging consumer markets, changing cost structures, and political and social upheavals are some of the dynamics that, individually or in combination, are triggering companies to improve and transform their global operating models and footprint of activities.

The latest Global Location Trends Report from the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) outlines the latest trends in corporate location selection – where companies are locating and expanding their businesses and creating jobs around the world. This study provides strategic insights on which industries are expanding and which regions around the world are benefiting through job creation and economic growth. You can read the report and access the study materials here:  

Following are some select highlights from the report:
  • 6% increase in job creation around the world from foreign investment.
  • The U.S. ranks first, with a record job creation performance from foreign investment in 2014.
  • Ireland continues to lead the world in attracting high-value projects.
  • Macedonia ranks first in job creation per capita.
  • London is the leading global city for attracting foreign investment projects.
  • Global supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, particularly for manufacturing activities, with combinations of reshoring, nearshoring and offshoring strategies used by companies.
  • Companies are continuing to adapt their approach to shared-service centers.
  • The emergence of the Internet of Things will further transform global footprints as it provides new opportunities for companies to operate complex networks of production, distribution and sales across multiple locations, leveraging the power of data to drive value creation.

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