Construction of highway Ohrid-Kicevo to start in March

Construction of highway section from Ohrid to Kichevo will start with the beginning of this year’s construction season or somewhere in March this year and at the three locations simultaneously, with the aim to connect the construction activities, announced Member of Parliament, Aleksandar Nikolovski.

-Construction activities will begin simultaneously at three locations, in order to be finished in just three years. Pursuant to the agreement, 51 percent of people who will be engaged in the construction will be from Macedonia or surrounding municipalities and least 49 percent of the contractors must be from Macedonia, which means there will be complete engagement of all construction companies, taking into account the capacity of Republic of Macedonia, added Nikolovski.

It is about a contemporary highway, linking Ohrid and Kichevo, with modern thoroughfare in both directions with the three lanes on each. The project also projects a tunnel with the length of two kilometers, 7 larger and 14 smaller bridges, 4 viaducts and other additional infrastructure.

According to Nikolovski, the solutions for construction of the remaining section from the modern highway linking Ohrid and Skopje, i.e. section Kichevo and Gostivar are being reviewed as well as opportunities for financial support from the World Bank for start of construction of a contemporary motorway from Kosel through Ohrid to St.Naum, along the east coast of the Ohrid Lake.

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